Bridal Timeline

Enquiry – Drop me a line, get all the basics out there. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clear idea, you just need an awesome professional like me to be available on your date. Be sure to fill out as many details as possible. Exact quotes won’t be given over email or phone, a ballpark figure perhaps. There are so many variables, and you will realise why soon enough.

Booking – I’m available for your date – YAY. A booking link is sent to you to pick an available time that is convenient for you! Please be aware – kids are welcome but can be distracting for you. I’m a trained childcare professional so I’m fine, but the consult room is small, and they may get bored. Up to 3 people plus me can fit, more than this can be squishy, so please contact me. Partners are not required – you get to take the cake home! I know how nice it is for you both to be included and I love meeting you both, but it’s not a necessity.

Consult – This is the most tedious, exciting and clarifying part of the experience. I allow an hour for us to go over my service to you and why I want every opportunity to play my part and make your day the best. You will leave with more clarity than when you walked in, and with a scrumptious tasting box.

Follow up – Within the next 48 hours or so we will chat again, with you telling me how much you can’t decide on flavour, and me squealing with excitement that we will be working together.

Invoice – The official invoice is sent out – by this stage you are SURE that you don’t need to see anyone else or taste any other cake. I’m your girl This is it, the definite, I’ve got another job ticked off my wedding list- YAY AGAIN.

Deposit – On your invoice it’ll state the total amount. This includes bond for your cake stand, any extras and toppers. The deposit required is around a third of the total cost. This covers your topper, security for you that no one else can take your spot, and covers basic costs etc that come along with your order. Your bond money is placed in a separate account, so when you return it, you will need to provide bank details, so we can transfer it back to you. Paying cash is ok, but I don’t keep cash on the premises, so please don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come back any other way except via transfer.

That’s it! Your official cake decision duties are done! Congratulations.

2 months out – Touching base – This might be you contacting me or vice versa, depending on how long out your wedding has been since booking we touch base to see if anything major has changed. This is not a compulsory step bonded by each of us. Wedding season is hectic and I’m very firm on concentrating on my current customers, and, I’m only human so please don’t be scared to email me and ask any questions at ANY time.

1 month outDietary requirements, changes, extras. This step is compulsory. We want to serve any guests that have dietary requirements and most RSVPs are back by this stage. Colour changes, size changes etc are required. Please note that anything past this time may incur a cost or may not be able to be catered for. I am always striving for great customer service, so rest assured I will always do my very best.

2 weeks out – Final payments – Any extras exchanging hands, contacting florists. Your final payment is due. You’re financially free (At least with me). Please, if you’d like to pay earlier or in installments this is totally fine, just please drop me a line to let me know.

If you have opted to add any of your own bits and pieces, this is when I need them. This ensures that your cake is secure and I know what sizes etc I’m working with, and that I won’t have any issues on the day tracking bits and pieces down.

1 week out – Time line for the day, running sheet, all of my junk -You relax.

This part is all me and my team. Phone calls are made to ensure the day runs smoothly for delivery, right down to where your venue would like me to park. This is the week that you UNWIND, and remember why you paid not just me, but your suppliers. You paid and hired us because you knew we could nail everything and if anything goes wrong, or you do need help, call us. We know people. We love our jobs, in fact by this stage not only do we love our “job”, but we are so far invested in your day we take it on personally, like your our family, and we will strive to ensure whatever we can is done to make sure you enjoy every minute, without any hiccups.

After the day – You’ve partied hard. You’ve woken up after the best day ever. Your married, you’ve pulled off one of the biggest celebrations of your life. Everyone looked amazing, you felt like the luckiest person in the world. You drank, listened to corny speeches that made you cry, and you ate incredible food! (Well, the dessert was pretty bloody spectacular!). Now you want to sleep for the week. At least.

But after the dust settles, you still have a few responsibilities. Cleaning up, seeing family off, returning bits and pieces, eating leftover cake for breakfast, and saying thank you.
The biggest thank you to anyone that helped you out on your big day is a public declaration. Shout it out that your suppliers and friends, word of mouth travels faster than any dollar could, and reviews, shout outs and recommendations is a small part of what lets us all know and drives us to continue to better ourselves.