Let's put the feelers out. 
Drop me a line, send through a DM, an email or fill out yet another wedding enquiry form just like the one we've got here. Whatever you fancy. Don’t worry if you don’t have to know exactly what you are after, we can both go on a Pintrest hunt together later on, just try to fill in as many details as possible so we can get an estimated quote out to you!
Let's BOOK it in.
I’m available for your date – YAY. A booking link is sent to you to pick an available time that is convenient for you! Please be aware – kids are welcome but can be distracting for you. I’m a trained childcare professional so I’m fine, but the consult room is small, and they may get bored. Up to 3 people plus me can fit, more than this can be squishy, so please contact me. Partners are not required – you get to take the cake home! I know how nice it is for you both to be included and I love meeting you both, but it’s not a necessity.
Let's nut out the finer details.
By now we have confirmed that we are available on your date and you have a pretty good feeling that we are 'the one!'. We will arrange a time to catch up for a 45-60 minute consultation, or as we like to call it - the fun part! Bring alllll your Pinterest boards, any inspo photos and any ideas that you may have so we can chat design, colours and all the finer details! We guarantee you'll be walking out with a whole lot more clarity and with a scrumptious sample of cakes in different flavours so you can let your taste buds do the deciding when you get home!
(P.s, Soon-to-be husband optional, cake chatting for an hour may not be his thing, we totally get it!)
Let's get excited.
Within the next 48 hours or so we will chat again - mainly with you telling me how you can’t decide on flavour, and me squealing with excitement that we will be working together!!
Let's make it official.
The official invoice is sent out – by this stage you are sure that we are the one. This is it. I'm your girl. Let's lock it in!
Your invoice will cover all the expenses for the cake including the bond for cake stand (refunded upon return), any toppers or extras, and of course the total price. A deposit of 30% is required so we are able to secure your date so another bride won't be able to come steal us away for her big day!
One month out.
We hope by this stage that all of your guests have now RSVP'd, all sympathy for you if you are still having to chase them up! This is the time we can chat about dietary requirements that may have come back with those RSVP's such as Gluten Free, any allergies, etc.
This is also the last chance we have to make any last minute changes such as colours, flavours and sizing - anything changes past this date we cannot guarantee we will be able to cater for and there may be additional costs. We completely understand that last minute changes may be out of your control and will always do what we can to accommodate and apply these changes whenever we possibly can.
Two weeks out.
Your final payment is due 2 weeks prior to the big day. Woohoo - another invoice done and dusted! If you have opted to add your own bits and pieces to the cake this is when we will need them. We thrive on organization and perfection so having these pieces in advance ensures we can give our full attention to make your dream cake the week of.
One week out.
Chilllllll. This is the exact reason why you aren't making your own cake. You get to relax, go get all your pampering done and we will handle all the behind the scenes when it comes to the making of the cake, liasing with suppliers and venues and ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that everything is perfect. From the positioning of the cake topper all the way down to the exact spot your venue wants us parked for cake deliver. You could say we do this on the reg, it's our full time job, and by this point we are already so invested in your big day that we take it on personally as if you were our own family. There will be no hiccups so just enjoy the last days leading up to the wedding and trust when we say - we got this!


After the big day.

 You’ve partied hard. You’ve woken up after the best day ever. Your married, you’ve pulled off one of the biggest celebrations of your life. Everyone looked amazing, you felt like the luckiest person in the world. You drank, listened to corny speeches that made you cry, and you ate incredible food! (Well, the dessert was pretty bloody spectacular!). It all went exactly as planned - see, we told you we got this! Congratulations!!!

COVID-19 NOTE - We understand that there is so many unknown factors at the moment, we dont want that to stop you from trying to plan your big day! We have special terms and conditions to help ensure you feel safe and protected at this unprecedented ti