How much cake will I need?
This is dependent on what type of event you are holding. Are you serving cake as the only dessert? In most cases, the only time this needs to happen is at a wedding or an event where it is plated separately. With birthdays, engagement parties and any other event, there are plenty of other nibbles (ask me what else I can provide and get a full package taken care of, or look at my dessert extras)
Generally, there are two sizes: dessert and cocktail. A consultation with you will enable to pick the correct size, although everyone loves extra cake, right?
How many flavours can I have?
If you are having tiered cake, allow one flavour per tier. If you are having cupcakes, the order size is dependent on the amount of flavours. Have a look at our flavour list.
Rainbow is a flavour, right?
Is delivery included?
For wedding cakes, this is non-negotiable. As part of my service it is important that all parties have a stress-free experience. Function coordinators, myself, and of course, the most important person of all –  you. Please see my bridal timeline for more details.
For all other occasions it is a case by case basis, requirements such as size of order, distance and complexity of order set up will determine if delivery is included. Delivery can be charged upon request and if workload permits.
Where do you deliver?
Deliveries are calculated by $ per hour from Salisbury Heights. 

How does payment work?
Once we have created the perfect image of your custom cake and decided on a flavour, we will send an invoice detailing payment terms & conditions. There is a requirement to pay a third (subject to order variation) of the total cost five days from the date of the invoice.
PLEASE NOTE – Your order and date is not secure until payment is made.  Full payment will then be required two weeks before the date of the order. This ensures that all stock is ready to go, and most importantly, it allows you to relax and enjoy your event. As per terms and conditions stated in your invoice, the booking deposit is non-refundable.
What are my Payment Options?
Payment options are bank transfer, cash or credit card.
Can I provide my own toppers or flowers?
Absolutely. We chat about this during consultation as to what would be the best option. I require that I have all toppers or flowers prior to the event to ensure the product is finished to the highest standard prior to delivery.
Do you Provide Flowers or Toppers as Part of Your Services?
I have a business partnership with a high-quality florist known as Bella in Bloom, where I can order beautiful flowers at your convenience. I also have access to a lot of different suppliers for other toppers.
Can I make changes to my order?
Changes can be made to your order two weeks before it is due without penalty. Within two weeks things can sometimes get tricky as I need to take into consideration other orders, stock etc. But if I can accommodate the changes, I will.
What can I expect to pay?
How long is a piece of string?
Seriously though, custom cake making comes with custom pricing tailored to your needs. I use a basic formula to give you a base price, taking into consideration hours, ingredients, prep plan work, flowers, toppers and figurines. The best thing to do for an accurate quote is to include as many details as possible in your enquiry.
Do you Offer Discounts or Price Match?
Unfortunately no. Through the consultation process, I work with every client to cater for their budget and bundle products together wherever possible.