Gingerbread DIY kits - COOKIE & HOUSE KIT COMBO

Gingerbread DIY kits - COOKIE & HOUSE KIT COMBO

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Our yearly kits are back again! 

Ever popular - our tasty gingerbread, ready made icing presentation board plus instructions and all the bits you need to create a beautiful little tradition! 

Comes with - 
Presentation Board
Gingerbread Panels (heat sealed) 
Full bag of RI plus spare bags
Lollies and Sprinkles (varies but always plenty!) 
Christmas novelties 
Full set of instructions. 

Our ready made icing leaves you with an easy build house and no disasters for cake fails! 

See our options for Gluten Free and buying a cookie and house kit together! 

These Kits are available for pick up from the 11th December right through until Christmas eve!