TASTING BOXES - Dec pick up.
TASTING BOXES - Dec pick up.
TASTING BOXES - Dec pick up.

TASTING BOXES - Dec pick up.

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From weddings to special occasions, we have now created a system where once a month we will offer these - 

included are 8 flavours, 2 coffee portions of each, and 2 sugar cookies to trial for party favours/ guest gifts. 
you will also receive a special list/ scoring guide of these to keep track of them! 

*Note - we advise to only collect within 6 months of your desired booking as we change/ update flavours regularly. 

*only one per customer/ couple booking, and will be deducted from your final quote price. Whilst flavours are valid for 6 months, quotes are only held for 7 days and we cannot guarantee your booking/ date without a deposit. 

*in case of covid restrictions we have terms and conditions to refer to. 

First weekend will be the weekend before Christmas! 

pick ups will be from Friday 17th Dec 4pm through to Sunday 19th till 4pm from Salisbury heights. 
confirmation and pick up details will be forwarded by Thursday unless discussed prior.